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I started my training in 3D art creation at the Guildhall at SMU - a world renowned school for game development that is known for placing its candidates at studios around the world. I learned how to model, unwrap, texture, animate and setup scenes with proper lighting and rendering. With those skills I worked on a wide variety of products from game characters and assets to instructional videos.

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3D & Games

Below is a collection of 3D Scenes and character art that was modeled, textured, and rendered in 3DS max. A video below also shows one of the high-poly instructional videos I modeled, rendered, and edited at Halliburton. Many of these videos were created to help engineers package and ship down-well technology. The last video is of a real medical scan that was passed along to have some editing done (the gif is meant to demonstrate a potential AR apps ability to "dissect" a real world CT-Scan model and look within it).

Additional 3D Views