Design for Education 1

I worked on many experiences with my time in the education industry and with each experience the constraints can change dramatically. On these pages you will find work that covers administrator, educator, and learner (K-12) user experiences through a variety of web application layouts I worked on.

  • Study Island Sensei (Page 1)
  • Exact Path Educator (Page 2)
  • Exact Path Learner (Page 3)
Study Island Sensei

I worked on several data dashboards while at Edmentum. The first was for a well-used product called Study-Island. The initial Study Island teacher experience was loaded with "short-cut" links and text. It was difficult to navigate. Study Island is a powerhouse of data reporting and tracking, but teachers needed a better way to capture and visually digest the data they were receiving from their students in-app work. Rather than running cumbersome and long reports we gathered feedback from educators to surface the right kinds of data. The results were a long-term increase in usage and logins to Study Island and teachers clamoring for more.

Study Island Sensei gives a quick look at how students are doing on a high-level while allowing teachers to drill into each student-card for additional details or to seek class-level information by the drawer at the top. Colorful metrics relate back to how teachers see their classrooms - color coded and highly organized!

Additional Study Island Sensei Views