AR Concepts 2

Creating AR apps has certainly been fun and challenging. From a designer's perspective using 3D, UI, UX, Graphic, and Game design skills to craft engaging experiences that overaly the real world is quite the juggling act. However, the final results often do not disappoint when it comes to wow-factor. For the AR demo's I crafted in the following pages I worked with a variety of technologies: 3DS Max, Vuforia, Google ARCore, Tango, Unity 3D (and a handful of others that weren't as successful hah). Definitely much trial and error but also a ton of fun.

  • Formation-I (Page 1)
  • Study Island AR Tech Demo (Page 2)
Study Island Tech Demo: AR Coloring Pages

In an effort to create engaging and unique content for kids I thought it would be cool to bring a touch of the future along with Study Island's beloved character: Taco Crab. The idea was to create some basic coloring pages but to add a touch of magic by adding an AR target that would load a 3D scene based on the coloring page itself. I only got as far as completing one page, but received a lot of excitement with just the work presented here.

I used a combination of 3DS Max, Unity, and Vuforia to setup the scenes and targets. I modeled, textured, and animated with a custom rig (since Taco Crab is anything but a biped) and imported the model into Unity. I used Vuforia (which is nicely integrated in Unity these days) to add the AR target to the cloud and built the entire scene out from Unity using xCode to build to my iPhone. Take a look at the results below!

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