Design for Energy 2

With my work in the energy (oil & gas) industry I was able to use a variety of my skill sets because many of the applications required 3D simulations and easy to undrestand user interfaces that make large sets of data easy to read. Cyberstring utilized Unity 3D to create simulations of down-well technology and predict solutions to problems. iBits was a project I consulted for at a branch location of Halliburton and required some UX architecture in addition to wireframes/mockups, and style tiles for future UX professionals to use. I also had the pleasure of creating many 3D models for work in the simulation apps we developed.

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  • Other Energy Interfaces (Page 3)
iBits Sync App

For the iBits Sync app, I consulted at an Oklahoma branch office of Halliburton that did not have a UX professional on staff capable of creating the wireframes, mockups, and architecture for a data heavy app. I created many artifacts including a few style tiles for future UX designers to use after I left the branch office. Simply put, the custom app synced data from a field database to computers in the office.

Additional iBits Sync Views