Design for Medical 2

Designing experiences for the medical industry presents unique challenges as doctors, nurses, and patienst are inundated with data. Understanding how a doctor things when you're not a medical professional took some work. Certainly UX research and testing was critical to the design of all of the experiences represented. I had the pleasure of visiting hospitals and shadowing medical professionals to fully understand their day to day challenges and produced interfaces for patients, nurses, and doctors.

  • Cerner Mobile Apps (Page 1)
  • Cerner Nurses Dashboard (Page 2)
Patient Tracking/Nursing Dashboard

This dashboard was one of the more challenging applications I worked on. I was restricted by the degree at which I could adjust the layout (technological/time restraints) - so did the best I could with surfacing data in a clean and easy to understand way while allowing nurses/doctors to be able to drill in for additional data.

Additional Dashboard Views