Design for Education 3

I worked on many experiences with my time in the education industry and with each experience the constraints can change dramatically. On these pages you will find work that covers administrator, educator, and learner (K-12) user experiences through a variety of web application layouts I worked on.

  • Study Island Sensei (Page 1)
  • Exact Path Educator (Page 2)
  • Exact Path Learner (Page 3)
Exact Path - Learner

Creating the learner experience was one of the most fun design projects I have had the pleasure of working on. These days nany students expect a certain level of engagement and interactivity in their apps. We blended bright colors and worked in gamification concepts while scaling the interface as the student ages. For younger students, creating a design that works comfortably on mobile devices was key. One of the overarching challenges however, was finding a balance between engagement and distraction - as not only students but teachers are the consumers of these experiences and are sensitive to applications causing too much distraction and not enough emphasizing learning time.

I performed research in the field and at our branch office in London which lead to many a variety of Exact Path concepts before development (which you can see below). When my team seemed to agree on an approach for the learner UI I personally architected, designed, and created assets for the young student experience for grades 3-5 and performed a UI re-design of the K-2 experience at a later date.

Additional Exact Path Learner Views