Design for Education 2

I worked on many experiences with my time in the education industry and with each experience the constraints can change dramatically. On these pages you will find work that covers administrator, educator, and learner (K-12) user experiences through a variety of web application layouts I worked on.

  • Study Island Sensei (Page 1)
  • Exact Path Educator (Page 2)
  • Exact Path Learner (Page 3)
Exact Path - Educator

Exact Path has become one of the flagship applications at Edmentum with its powerful data analysis and individualized learning paths. Each student takes an exam to identify their strenghts and weaknesses and a learning path full of colorful and unique Edmentum content is automatically generated for each student. Teachers can then track, edit, and assign supplemental course work to each student as needed. They can share this information with other educators, parents or administrators, create challanges, organize students into groups for speciality work and much more. I had a lead role in architecting and designing the educator experience as well as the learner experience as you will see on the next page.

Additional Exact Path Educator Views