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Designing experiences for the medical industry presents unique challenges as doctors, nurses, and patienst are inundated with data. Understanding how a doctor things when you're not a medical professional took some work. Certainly UX research and testing was critical to the design of all of the experiences represented. I had the pleasure of visiting hospitals and shadowing medical professionals to fully understand their day to day challenges and produced interfaces for patients, nurses, and doctors.

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Cerner Mobile Solutions

The medical industry has many hurdles making designing experiences for them quite the challenge. On this page you will see the handful of projects I tackled, many for mobile hardware. As the medical industry becomes more and more technologically advanced, easy interfaces taht customers were familiar with become important. The Cerner payments app allowed any size doctor's office to download and use it as a check-in and payment (all-in-one) workflow. Offices would setup iPads on kiosks giving them a fairly inexpensive and easy way to check-in/out patients and handle payments (much like automated check-out machines at the grocery store).

Many nurses also carry around mobile devices specific for the hospital they work in. The mobile nurses app was a handy application that served to track patient information, communicate with doctors, and receive notifications right at their fingertips. Clearly, a clean, intuitive UI was very important to patient data.

I performed field research and created many mockups and interactive prototypes for the Cerner mobile applications suite.

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